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August 10, 2016 Leslie Luscombe

Nice story and shout out by Tom Motley. Thank you Tom for all you do!Luscombe Farm

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"Chef Robert, who trained at California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, offers cooking classes several times a year in the big farmhouse kitchen of Leslie Luscombe, fourth generation owner of Luscombe Farm in Anna. On the second and fourth Sundays of the month through September, Leslie hosts a seasonal market at her farm, and the farm’s signature line of preserves, pickle relish and sauces are used at Patina Green, Rick’s Chophouse and Harvest.

I first met Leslie at the McKinney Farmers Market in 2010. She had rented a small space, setting out her colorful jam jars on one 3-by- 6-foot folding table, near my big tent’s seasoned display. She had no tent. No chair, so I loaned her one. We hit it off right away. Her preserves tasted like history.

Leslie uses her own fruit, plus seasonal produce from neighboring farms. Old Luscombe family fig trees provide the base for her popular fig preserves. She knows the location of forgotten, weedy groves of plums and pears and ancient stands of berries, far off any road. “As a child,” she recalls, “I loved canning and making jelly with my aunt and Granny, right here on the same farm.”

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