Luscombe Farm Recipes



      Like many family businesses, Luscombe Farm was born from family traditions stretching back generations.  Whether enjoying time around the dinner table, oven or stove, our family's commitment to sharing great food while making lasting memories, form Luscombe Farm's foundation. We merge new flavors, spices, jellies, and jams into new recipes while still holding on to the traditional ones. All of the while, working hard to keep true to the idea of using fresh locally grown food products. The variety of ways in which you can enjoy our jellies are endless. From traditional breakfast with toast, sandwiches, dessert toppings to dipping sauces, we are sure you'll love our recipes.


   So what are you waiting for? Find your favorite jelly and open up a new world of possibilities. Check out our recipe blog for a variety of recipes and uses for our jelly. Order your jars of jelly today! You will be glad you did.