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Award Winning Pepper Jellies!


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Luscombe Farm Jelly
Luscombe Farm was established in 1913. I am part of the 4th generation living and working on our family farm. Our Texas award winning Jalapeno Jelly recipe was passed down and made for friends and family, and has been sold in many bazaars and gift baskets.
I have been blessed to take our recipe to the next level in order to bring it to your home.
Our family and friends love this jelly and we know you will too.

Award winning Jellies
The best recipes start with the freshest ingredients and that is just what Luscombe Farm Specialty Foods uses for the best Jalapeno Jelly! Our award winning jelly is great for adding flavor to breakfast foods, sweets, and meat dishes.

New item!
Sweet Rings of Fire
savory sweet sliced jalapenos


Jalapeno Blackberry Jelly
ingredients include juicy triple crown blackberry's, green bells, jalapenos


Sweet Fire Confetti
ingredients include apricots, red bell pepper, purple onion and habanero


Award winning
Jalapeno Peach Jelly



Award winning
Jalapeno Pepper Jelly



Luscombe Farm
Jelly trio gift set


The above items are available to purchase by clicking on our on line store tab!
Thanks in advance.  We appreciate your business.

Serving Suggestions


Spread on a bagel, toast, or biscuit

Mix it with scrambled eggs


Spread for a sandwich

Awesome with Peanut Butter

Dipping sauce for egg rolls and chicken strips


Spinach Salad dressing

Marinade or glaze on a pork loin, chicken, ribs, lamb or game

(thin with lime juice, olive oil, or tequila)


Hot Apple Pie (must try – recipe on website)

Thumbprint Cookies

Swirl on top of brownies before you cook them

Over ice cream

Appetizer and Favorite Snack

Pour over a block of cream cheese and serve with crackers

Mango Salsa

We Be Jam’n Dip

Stuffed Jalapeno’s

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